Finding paths out of Covid19 Crisis, Perspectives on Data Sciences | Webinar

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It is with great pleasure to announce  that in line with our Stay Home and social responsibility Policy in Current Pademic, Mahan Business School holds an international Webinar with presentation of Dr. Lee Schlenker from Grenoble, France.
The discussion focuses on reading the economic consequences and opportunities of the current crisis."Perspectives on Data Science : finding different paths out of the crisis than the one we took going in " is core of our webinar



April 24th
Finding paths out of Current Crisis, Perspectives on Data Sciences - Dr. Lee Schlenker
Friday - 14:00 to 14:30

 Finding paths out of Current Crisis, Perspectives on Data Sciences - Dr. Lee Schlenker MahanBS

Dr. Lee Schlenker is a Professor of Business Analytics and a Principal of the Business Analytics Institute (BAI). Over the last twenty years, he has led two dozen missions in the banking, telecommunications, public works and service industries. His recent conferences and publications have explored the social, organizational and technical challenges of leveraging data science, machine learning and AI in business.

Students interested to participate please contact: (+98) 021 8840 1313

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