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It was a great achievement to start International Educational collaboration with Management and Science University in 2012.Many had applied for the MBA joint program with MSU-MBS and after reviewing hundreds of applications, and finally a scientific interview held by MSU-MBS faculty members, two full intakes have shaped and the qualitative courses started.

After passing all courses and examinations, assignments, and the thesis, students had been granted the MBA Degree by Management & Science University. Many of those graduates could apply for DBA and also Ph.D in reputable European countries as the MBA had been the shining star in their CVs. In addition, some of them could develop their businesses and obviously created more jobs for the young generation in the country.

Applicable knowledge and skills taught in the management courses had a great influence in their business careers. Mahan is honored to act as the First business school holding such qualitative courses and beard international courses in the country.




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