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Master Thesis | 24th, March, 2020

titled “Selecting the Most Appropriate Mode of Entry in Oman Market; A case study in two Iranian office furniture manufacturing companies which formed a joint venture"

Master Degree Graduation

titled “Developing a new strategy for Teclon Aluminum Pars Co. (A Business Consultancy Report)”

Master Thesis | 15th, April, 2020

titled “Data Development Analysis Model for Acquiring Banks Merchants’ Efficiency Evaluation: A Case Study in a Bank”

Master Thesis | 14th, April, 2020

with the subject of “Investigating the Impact of Brand Equity on Purchase Intention: Testing the Mediating Effects of Country of Origin and Price Sensitivity”

Finding paths out of Covid19 Crisis, Perspectives on Data Sciences | Webinar

Finding paths out of Current Crisis (CoronaVirus - COVID-19), Perspectives on Data Sciences - Dr. Lee Schlenker April 24th

The Biggest Managers And Business Owners Summit 2019

The Biggest Managers & Business Owners Summit In Iran | Mahan 2019

Austrian Ambassador visited Mahan Business School

Esteemed Austrian Ambassador Mr. Stefan Scholz visited Mahan Business School on Wednesday 31January 2019.

Supply Chain Management Course Held at Mahan Business School

Students of the International joint MBA program between Mahan Business School and Maastricht School of Management took part in Supply Chain Management course delivered by Dr. Farzipour on 26-28th of July.

Advanced Studies in Finance and Investment Held at MBS

One of the international joint program courses entitled Advanced Studies in Finance and Investment was held at Mahan Business School on 2-4th of August.

Entrepreneurship Course held at Mahan Business School

Students of the joint MBA program between Maastricht School of Management and Mahan Business Schools took part in a course entitled Entrepreneurship which was delivered by Dr. Zia on 30-31 August and 1 September.