Startup is a relatively young concept in business. Although many experts describe the "startup" as a "start-up business", we know that not every start-up business is necessarily a startup. Regardless of the meaning of startup, we all know that business literature in startups is totally different from the usual organizational literature. An idea from the beginning to a successful startup goes through a different process in compare with traditional businesses.To succeed in a startup platform, you need to be familiar with its literature, and this recognition is not achieved unless through experience and training.

The training process in Mahan Startup courses is in the form of workshop and mentoring.

The duration of this course is 120 hours and is presented as follows:

  • 6 course subject
  • 96 hours of teaching
  • 24 hours of professional Mentoring


Course Title

Familiarity with Startup ecosystems


Designing business model

Product Management

Financial and legal issues of startups