This course equips you with the skills and abilities of digital marketing management and also provides you with a thorough understanding of digital marketing and its tools to improve your ability to formulate and execute digital marketing strategies. Knowledge of analyzing and quality control of digital marketing process will be the ultimate goal of business owners, managers and digital marketers which will be done in the form of projects throughout the course.


Features of the course

  • Practical Training in Digital Marketing Principles
  • Training the skills and knowledge needed to use digital marketing tools
  • Content Production Tutorials Based on Needs Assessment and Target market
  • Management principles in digital marketing and team leadership
  • Tutorial on Choosing Appropriate Social Networks and Marketing in Social Networks
  • Principles of using market analysis methods and tools and strategy formulation
  • Ability to launch and analyze Internet marketing campaigns

Our Course Benefits
  • Upgrading the skills of executives and business owners in digital campaign management
  • Certificate of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology with official translation capability approved by the Judiciary and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • A great business network with the presence of successful digital marketing executives as mentors
  • Benefiting from professors with successful business resumes
  • Improve the ability of digital marketing team management and performance evaluation

Course Title

Teaching Hours

Digital Marketing


Strategic thinking, planning and business modeling in digital marketing


Content Marketing


Integrated Communications Management in Digital Marketing 1 


Integrated Communications Management in Digital Marketing 2 


Digital Media Planning


Digital Branding


Web & SEO


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