Message from The Leader of Mahan


Our environment in nowadays is changing swiftly. Indeed, living in this fast-changing era requires specific skills. Optimal utilization of our resources to achieve sustainable development without a doubt needs managerial capabilities. We, in Mahan family, always have placed the utmost importance on life changing learning programs for   students, executives, and entrepreneurs to boost their capabilities and skills to face complex business problems and lead the future. 


The future is determined by what we do now and what we aiming to do in future. With the cooperation of well-known managers, active in different industries, we aim to walk effectively towards transferring managerial skills and knowledge to future leaders.


“Be Pleased and Please People”

Hadi Sayyari   

Leader of Mahan



Who We Are 

About Mahan Holding Company:

Mahan Business School was founded in 2001 with the aim of fostering professional business leaders.   It's been over two decades that Mahan as the first business school and the first business leadership school in Iran and with the approval of international evaluation authorities and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, has been at the forefront of training and empowering managers in various management areas in the country's education industry. With the slogan of education rather than credentialism, Mahan Company organizes short and long-term courses such as Leadership, Comprehensive Program for Professional CEO, Comprehensive Program for Start-Ups, Comprehensive Program for Professional Consultants, DBA, MBA, Virtual Training, Business Leadership, Comprehensive Program for Professional Sales Leadership, Comprehensive Program for Professional Marketing Manager, Comprehensive Program for Digital Marketing, Comprehensive Program for Brand Management, Comprehensive Program for Professional Coaching and Comprehensive Program for Global Marketing.

Mahan Holding Co. has various departments including International Training Center, Research Center, Virtual Training Center, Psychology Clinic, Business Club, Leadership School, Mahan Seminars Center, Mahan Business School, Management and Entrepreneurship Consulting Center, Department of Publications and Books (Digital), Individual Research and Development Center (Coaching), Peace and Awareness Foundation (Social Responsibility), and Professional Ethics.

Mahan in International Scene


Participating in study abroad programs to boost carrier opportunities and up-to-date knowledge always has been the working students’ dream. Beside the advantages of studying overseas, these students always have been facing different sorts of psychological and financial pressures.

The Mahan Business School International Dept. was formed in 2008 to balance the pressures of work with study as well as upgrading the quality of education. As a result, MBS commenced striving to set up a mutual scientific partnership with prestigious selected business schools to invite experienced professors to Iran.

The first collaboration took place between MBS and UCSI and MSU (Management & Science University) in Malaysia. Mahan Business School conducted two successful consecutive MBA programs with MSU.

In pursuing such ambition, MBS continued expanding its mutual cooperation with the Maastricht School of Management (MSM), University of Management, Economics and Finance (UMEF), the University of Geneva Switzerland, University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and an online program with International American University of California.




Expansion of knowledge and skills nationally and internationally in management and to be recognized as a role model Business School in Higher Education worldwide. 

The main objectives that MBS are as follow: 

A) Cultural and Educational Exchange 

Mutual collaboration with reputable universities and institutions all over the world, offering mutual programs in MBA, DBA, and Ph.D to fulfill the need for higher quality education.

B) Upgrading and updating the quality of education 

Mahan Business School has mutual agreements with distinguished universities providing international educational programs in management (MBA and DBA). These programs empower students and executives to face the challenges of the world's markets in a technical and practical approach. 

C) Innovation & Progress 

Path to progress within the global business arena necessitates an extensive search for brand new methods in education to be used for managing professionals and keep them updated with an innovative approach.

D) Exchange of Thoughts to prospect excellence 

Approaching excellence is the main objective of Mahan Business School by prospecting major centers of higher education throughout the world. We treasure the exchange of knowledge and insight in management received through such an approach as well as in extending our international MBA & DBA programs through our cooperation with such centers. 



Mahan Business School (MBS) is committed to promoting business management knowledge to fulfill the essential needs of executives, top and middle managers. Therefore, managers and entrepreneurs will be empowered to face the realities and issues of global and domestic markets, ultimately develop their capabilities to direct their businesses and society successfully.


Mahan Business School aiming to be the leading business school in Iran and among the top 100 business schools in the world to redefine the future of society and business in Iran.

About Mahan Business School

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