Mahan DBA program is a postgraduate education in business administration designed for executives, senior managers, and high-caliber students. This program holds four times per year and entering requires specific qualifications. This program equips managers with leadership knowledge to change their vision and attitudes in their business.

Why DBA with Mahan

Studying in Mahan business school looks like a journey. As every journey has a guide for not being lost, a professional team of Mahan helps student through their paths. First, we localized contents according to domestic needs. Moreover, students enjoy one-to-one academic support by international and domestic professors, mentors and faculty advisors for their final projects. After graduation, the degree will be signed by Minister of Education of Iran and Approved by the Judiciary and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The opportunity of joining to a diverse and global network of professionals and CEOs is another feature of Mahan. Alumni of Mahan will be invited to social and networking activities such as managerial seminars and workshops to up-to-date their knowledge even after graduation.

The DBA or MBA degree offered by Mahan has the possibility of recognitions to other universities and institutions.